Thoughts of your architect

For me the basis of good design is the ability to ask simple questions to understand a clients requirements and then enhance and exploit a building and it’s interior spaces to create a style and ambiance to suit their lifestyle where they will feel comfortable and relaxed.

House front architects picture

We are all aware nowadays of the issues of climate change and energy conservation. I see architecture as being optimistic and as time goes on we will continue to gain more and more knowledge and ability to make better use of the natural resources and climate around us.

As architects that enjoy the unique challenges and opportunities offered by building  renovation and conversion, we believe that old buildings represent not only a massive investment of energy and resources from the past but also a cultural connection from our history to our future. Possessing unquantifiable values of age and character it therefore frequently makes both good economic and environmental sense to convert and renovate them.

Of course renovation, conversion and restoration work is a specialised element of the building industry requiring specialist skill and knowledge on the part of builders as well as architects to get the best from a building. We work closely with local building related specialists so as to cut down the time that clients may spend on fruitless searches for builders and tradesmen to carry out work for them.

Our aim is to offer a client friendly, complete service for all building related issues and services whether renovation or new build with obvious benefits to the client.